Free Consultation

If you have a children's book to illustrate, here's a great place to start. Call Elaine to discuss your project. Within 10 - 15 minutes you'll be able to understand a clearer direction for your project. After that initial discussion, Elaine will let you know if she is interested in the next step of reading your book.

If Elaine feels she is not the right illustrator for you, she may be able to share another illustrator or direction for you.

If she is interested in going to the next step, you'll be able to e-mail your manuscript to her, or send in the mail with a self-addressed, stamped envelop for your manuscript's safe return.

Book Illustrator

Hire Elaine as your book illustrator. After your free consultation, Elaine may ask you to send on your manuscript for her to read. Either send it to her e-mail address, or she will tell you her mailing address if you prefer to mail it. If you mail it, please include a self-addressed stamped envelop for its safe return to you.

Once she has read it, she will call you back with ideas to discuss, and together you will work together on your project timelines, agreement, and payments to get started on your project.

Hire Elaine as Your Illustrator Coach

If you are just collecting information about the illustration of your book, you can hire Elaine to assist you in the planning of the illustration of your book. Elaine has years of experience and she can make suggestions within a couple of hours that might save you time from going down dead end streets that will just cost you time and energy.

Elaine can read your story and make suggestions how you can best make your story come to life. What media should the story be illustrated? Cartoon or more realistic? Character suggestions to help you sketch out what your character might be wearing in the illustration, ideas for the set and layout, etc. Cost is $50/hour for her time (minimum 2 hours).

Elaine At

Elaine is in search of projects illustrating children's books, because she enjoys enlightening children's imagination with a positive hand.

If you have a children's book in need of a talented illustrator,
please call Elaine at 1.806.799.0077.

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Elaine Atkinson