Baxter Barrett Brown's International Critter Concert by Tim McKenzie

First Reader, by Phyllis Schlafly

Baxter Barrett Brown's Cowboy Band, by Tim McKenzie

Frampton and Friends in the Land of Ashetatom by Kent Maxson

Radiant Girl, by Andrea White

Layout completed for:

The Pitchfork Land and Cattle Company: The First Century, David Murrah

Illustrations for books not yet published include:

A Year in the Life of a Coyote Family by Bettye Rogers

Buford Bumblebear and the Strorangeberry Bush by Kent Maxson

Kin the Piguin and the Missing Mudpuddle by Kent Maxson

The Little Star by Emily Sharp

Freddie the Purple Frog (poem) by Emily Sharp

Miss Androgynous by Judith Keller

A Horned Toad Christmas by Joyce Roach

The Sweetie Tree by Deborah Street

Splash/Chapoteo by Greg Rogahn (bilingual)

Elaine is in search of fun projects illustrating children's books.

If you have a children's book in need of a talented illustrator, please call Elaine at 1.806.799.0077.

Contact information:
Elaine Atkinson