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Elaine Atkinson has been a freelance illustrator and graphic designer for more than 30 years.

Elaine received her Bachelor of Advertising Art and Design and an MFA in Technical Theater from Texas Tech University. When she was still an undergraduate, Elaine designed greeting cards and sold the creative designs to Hallmark and other greeting card companies.

Elaine's training and word-of-mouth praise about her work provided opportunity to design in numerous facets of art. Elaine has been a designer and layout artist for a small advertising agency, an art director at an NBC-TV affiliate, and has designed graphic presentations for corporations.

For most of her professional career, Elaine was a graphic artist at Texas Tech University and TTU Health Sciences Center. She designed and executed recruiting material in many areas of TTU, from the athletic department to the school of music, and received several awards and accolades for her talent. Elaine has also been a stage designer, and has designed and created designs for stage sets, lighting and costumes for various plays, musicals, an opera, and a ballet.

She became well known for her diverse artistic skills. Her freelance graphic activities have included brochures, posters, book illustrations, commercial food packaging, album covers, labels, and logos; 14 of which are in The Book of American Trademarks.

Two of her favorite projects have been the illustration of a 192 page book, First Reader, by Phyllis Schlafly. First Reader is used as a teaching tool for pre-schoolers learning to read with phonics. She also illustrated Baxter Barret Brown's Cowboy Band, a book by Tim McKenzie about a little boy and his bass fiddle. Baxter used his fiddle to solve problems and work toward his goal of playing his fiddle with real cowboys.

Elaine is in search of projects illustrating children's books, because she enjoys enlightening children's imagination with a positive hand. If you have a children's book in need of a talented illustrator, please call Elaine at 1.806.799.0077.

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